21 Instagrammable Locations To Go To After Quarantine

1.Nyhavn – Copenhagen, Denmark This is the most quintessential photo spot in all of Denmark, and really who could blame it? This spot is picture perfect in all seasons and at all hours of the day. There are plenty of places and ways to photograph this spot with a new perspective, you just need a … More 21 Instagrammable Locations To Go To After Quarantine

Stranded in Iceland

For weeks I was telling my friends and teachers about my back to back trips to Greece, Italy, and Iceland. I decided to skip school for three weeks because I couldn’t miss out on the money from two work trips in one megatrip. You can imagine my disappointment when twelve hours before I am supposed … More Stranded in Iceland

Oh Canadaaaaa

Canada is that kid you made fun of growing up that turned out to be a kind, cute, millionaire that you want to marry in your twenties. Although I started walking the wrong way out of the train station for multiple blocks when I first arrived, Vancouver treated me well. I checked into my hostel … More Oh Canadaaaaa