Oh no, the Bambino!

If you want inspiration for a sitcom, travel with me and my family. Growing up, I had bright blonde locks and a spunky attitude, and Lizzie McGuire was my favorite TV show. I desperately thought I looked like Hilary Duff so I watched even more religiously. The first thing my sister said to me when … More Oh no, the Bambino!

Brussels (sprouts)

I found myself on the train to Brussels city center wondering if I was getting lost. I was reminded of my parents, because in my usual panic where I always convince myself I am headed in the wrong direction, I hear their voices in my head asking if that would really be the worst thing. … More Brussels (sprouts)

Buda or Pest

I made it safe and sound to Budapest, but my luggage had other plans. This should have tipped me off to the wild ride I was about to go on while travelling around central Europe by myself for the next 9 days. Let me remind you that I am not the sharpest tool in the … More Buda or Pest