A Guide to Denmark’s (Other) Historical Cities

a guide to Denmark's


  • Men at Sea – this famous statue situated right on the beach is a fantastic sight at any time of the day, especially dusk. It is a bit out of the way to visit these four men, but a welcome departure from city life with ocean views all the way.



  • Ribe Domkirke – Climb the bell tower for the best views of the old viking city.
  • guided tour – The people of this town are the absolute nicest. Learn about the Viking history of the oldest town in Denmark with stories full of pirates, tradesmen, and wars. Book through VisitRibe.dk
  • Riberhus Slotsbanke – The meadow that used to be the sight of the castle that burnt down in the middle ages. Standing by the river transports you years back in time to a simpler but definitely not duller time.
  • Ribe Viking Center – Learn about the earliest settlers in this historical architectural building.
  • Restaurant Sælhunden – Lunch here is absolutely fantastic. I got the salad with chicken, bacon, and cranberries and I still dream about it to this day. The restaurant is housed in a historic hotel along the riverbank.



  • Midtfyns Brewery – Eddie, the owner, is a mixture between Matthew McConaughey and Steven Tyler (yes, I’m serious). He met a Danish woman in his twenties and followed her home where he started this successful brewery that has won multiple awards. Eddie does an entertaining all you can drink beer tasting followed by a tour of the brewery where you will begin to feel extra good.



  • Fjord&Bælt – Denmark’s much smaller and more quaint version of SeaWorld. Come for shows involving harbor porpoises and seals, and stay for the environmental and marine biology education.

  • Fyns Hoved – A picturesque beach with sights of the fjord and the natural harbour. We were able to see over twenty harbor porpoises feeding and mating during our short time here in the Spring. Take the easy and short walk to the tip for the best view.
  • Odense Curling Club – Ever wonder why curling is in the Olympics? That’s because it’s difficult! Try your hand at it with professional instructors. You will fall more times than you care to admit.



  • Kronborg Slot – The inspiration and setting for Shakespeare’s Hamlet situated on the inlet between Denmark and Sweden. There are frequently events and reenactments of the play year round. A place every literature geek should visit. The surrounding town is vibrant, quaint, and historical. Make your visit a day trip and get lost in the winding streets.
  • Øresund Aquarium – A short walk from the castle, visit the informational aquarium and meet the wonderful marine biologists who study porpoises and whales just feel away in the inlet.



  • Møns Klint – Awe inspiring white clay cliffs make up the edge of the island Mon is southern Denmark. Rent a car from Copenhagen and take the two hour journey to the discovery center where you can fuel up on food before you begin your hike. The trip down to the ocean is not for the faint of heart and requires 900 steep steps both down and up.



  • Frederiksborg Slot – My personal favorite castle in Denmark just a short train ride from Copenhagen. Denmark has the original European royal family and the castle reflects their unique style. The gardens and lake are an absolute idea location for a picnic in the Spring or Summer.




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