The Best Eats in Copenhagen



  • Carlsberg Brewery: “Best Eats” includes drinks too, right? This brewery is a fantastic way to spend a sunny afternoon. You get two free beers and are able to guide yourself around the brewery, they even have horses (move over Budweiser).
  • The Glass Market: Go with friends and get a bunch of stuff to try/share, it’s all delicious! The fresh produce and empanadas outside are also amazing.
  • St. Peder’s bakery: This place has discounted cinnamon rolls on Wednesday that will make your mouth water for the rest of the week.
  • Café Paludan: This charming establishment is an amazing place to eat and do work. It’s housed in an old library and you feel wiser just sitting there.
  • Cafe Bizzarro:  This was the one amazing brunch place I found living in Amager!
  • Wulff og Konstali: You pick either 5 or 7 things depending on how hungry you are, and it’s all so good (and instaworthy).
  • Mikkelar and Friends: Great microbrewery in Norrebro for a low key night or weekend hangs.
  • Smagsolet: A fantastic and hefty sandwich right next to Norreport, ask for the student discount.
  • Nemoland Café: This is a cafe in Christiania with beer and cheap eats to munch on while you enjoy your “surroundings.”
  • Grod: A place with unreal oatmeal in Norreboro (get the dulche de leche). They also have a location in the Glass Market.
  • La Glace: A must go-to place off of Stroget. They are the oldest dessert makers in Europe! The cake is amazing.
  • Mad & Kaffe: The best brunch place in Amager, hands down, where you pick multiple small dishes to make up one delicious meal.
  • Hot Dogs: There are trucks all over the city, you must try one, preferably late at night surrounded by your friends.
  • Sushi Norregade: A great sushi place with all you can eat sushi, but make a reservation so you don’t have to wait.
  • Sticks & Sushi Tivoli hotel: The best sushi in Copenhagen complete with great views of the city and Tivoli.
  • Bio Mio: Home to really good risotto in the meat-packing district.
  • Mother’s: A fun atmosphere and good pizza in the meatpacking district.
  • Gorm: Delicious pizza place with a stall in the glass market and a location in the meatpacking district. If you like thin crust, this place is for you.
  • Noma: The best restaurant in the world (so they say) with the highest Michelin star rating possible.
  • DUCK IT: The BEST duck sandwich that changed my life and inspired many imitations around the city.
  • Bolton’s Food Court: the new version of legendary Copenhagen Street Food where you will see all the old favorite stalls
  • Gasoline Grill: named one of the best burgers in Europe, hailing out of a working gas station. They open at 11am and close when sold out not much later.


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