How To Pack for Summer in Florida

Feelin’ Hot

If we know anything, it is that Florida is HOT. So hot, in fact, that seatbelts can brand you in the summer and you can fill a kiddie pool with sweat some days. With the heat comes a glorious tan and that Caribbean way of life we picked up from the neighboring islands. Spending summer in Florida means tan lines, happy hour, boat rides, and much much more. But what on Earth should you wear?? Here are some helpful tips…

What to Pack

  • Linen and cotton are your new best friends – Both fabrics wick away sweat and usually are smell resistant for those extra ripe days. Stay away from polyester or any fabric that includes plastic-like components. Companies like Free People have a wide array of cotton and linen shirts. Make sure the color is light or bright. Dark colors absorb more sunlight, making you feel hotter.
  • You will live in bathing suits – This means investing in bathing suits that withstand the waves, sun bleaching, water activities, and wash cycles. Forever 21 has bathing suits for every body type, while Oysho and Target offer affordable and trendy suits.
  • Shorts are a must – Find a length you feel comfortable at, find a light and airy fabric and then buy all of those shorts the store has to offer. Shorts are not only cooler, they allow more movement and are more versatile for those days where you end up on an adventure you didn’t plan, or if you just don’t want to change from day to night.
  • Palazzo pants – these are not just for socialites in Miami Beach. A nice white airy pants will do wonders for your body temperature and your fashion reputation.
  • Brush off the shoulder – off the shoulder shirts are a must if you want to avoid shirt tans from walking around in the summer sun.
  • Get girly – dresses not only give you a nice breeze down under, but its a perfect understated look for every day.
  • Accessories are sexy – don’t forget to protect your eyes and face with sunglasses and a hat. Go as big and bold as you want, its a vacation all year round in Florida.
  • The bare necessities – This is the most important item on this list. Do not forget to pack sunscreen or chapstick. Skin cancer is real and Florida is a danger zone. Protect yourself and your skin.




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