How to Pack for Winter in Scandinavia

Do Your Research

If you are in a fashionable town such as Copenhagen, you want to do as the locals do… this means wearing black, warm and chic clothes. Colors are hardly worn in the winter, and finding versatile clothing is your number one priority with such variable weather. You’ll also want to be aware of the trends: oversized coats, functional sneakers, and black pants are all of the rage at the moment.

Speaking of the Weather…

Warm accessories are the key to happiness in the harsh winter. The right pair of shoes is integral for the days where it is snowing and sleet is coming and hitting you in the face. In fact, it never really rains in Copenhagen, it is usually more of a drizzle. So it is a good choice to pick out water resistant clothing that will get you from point A to point B in a drizzle rather than having separate heavy duty rain clothing. Scarves, beanies, and gloves are important accessories that keep your whole body warm and block the seaside wind. Dark sunglasses, chic handbags and backpacks are very trendy and useful for traveling all day. You can’t go wrong with fleece lined black leggings, a neutral sweater, and a coat for every day. be sure to pack undergarments that make you feel nice and toasty. Even if the sun is shining, the sun sets around 3pm in winter, so the night comes much quicker, hence you will need your warmer layers for most of the day.

Know Your Style Options

Transitional layers are so important in the winter months, because all of us know all too well the feeling of walking into an establishment from the cold and immediately regretting the thick layers we have on. I, for one, am an immediate sweater. Layers are always better for traveling as well, because many times you don’t have the ability to change in the middle of the day. Plus, you want to pack clothing that can easily transition to Spring if you decide you aren’t leaving Scandinavia as soon as you thought. Don’t laugh, the hygge has an interesting way of pulling people in and making them never want to leave. Danes typically follow minimalistic fashion standards, so when in doubt choose simple and black! It seems like a cliche but it is true. The overall air of effortlessness is much easier done in neutrals and in quality pieces.

Some pieces I can’t live without…

                          American Eagle                                                 H&M


Product Image            Wool-blend Coat - Black - Ladies | H&M US 5

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