21 Instagrammable Locations To Go To After Quarantine


1.Nyhavn – Copenhagen, Denmark

This is the most quintessential photo spot in all of Denmark, and really who could blame it? This spot is picture perfect in all seasons and at all hours of the day. There are plenty of places and ways to photograph this spot with a new perspective, you just need a bit of creativity.


2. Mykonos Town – Mykonos, Greece

Although Mykonos is known to be a party island for twenty-somethings, the actual town by the water is quite peaceful. There are so many whitewashed buildings and colorful accents that it is easy to get lost, but there will be no shortage of photographable corners like this one.


3. Naousa Port – Paros, Greece

Just a short bus ride away from the main port of Paros you will find this quaint fishing village. This spot is known for its laid back attitude and fresh seafood, which is a sure fire way to make your friends mouths water when you post a picture like this.


4. Oia – Santorini, Greece

I would argue this small cliffside town in Santorini is the most photogenic place in all of Greece because of the magical sunsets that happen every night. In one shot you can get whitewashed and colorful houses and shops alongside the distant ocean and permeating golden hour.

brusselsams 094 (3)

5. Rijksmuseum – Amsterdam, Netherlands

Everybody knows about the canals in Amsterdam, but the art is world class. Take your instagram to a new level by focusing on a picture or painting within your post. This definitely gives off pensive and cosmopolitan vibes.

brusselsams 124 (2)

6. Prinsengracht Canal – Amsterdam, Netherlands

In my opinion, any photo that includes a church, a boat, and a beer is 10/10 in my book. Maybe you will be able to take your picture before you dive into your Heineken, something I was not able to do.

brusselsams 135

7. Brouwerij ‘t IJ – Amsterdam, Netherlands

I think this is the most instagrammable brewery I have ever seen. It brings together the quintessential Dutch windmill and throws in some craft beer. The vibes in this bar are immaculate, and any photo will convey that.

10468086_10204238848391347_2213333112514535419_n (3)

8. Newgrange Farm – Dublin, Ireland

tired of architectural photos or portraits on your Insta? Head out to the countryside to get some R&R and facetime with these cuties. The sunshine and lack of internet will do wonders. But make sure you take a picture of your new furry friends basking in the sunshine in order to remember a relaxing day.


9. Skógafoss – Skógar, Iceland

This is one of the most photographed waterfalls in the world, and for good reason! Any tour of the Golden Circle or Southern Iceland is sure to make this stop, so get your camera ready and maybe even set it to long exposure for a magical effect.


10. Reynisfjara Beach – Vík í Mýrdal, Iceland

While all of Iceland is instagrammable, the haunting look of the black sand covered in snow is a very unique view. The jagged cliffs in the distance give the photo a bit of an edge.


11. Uffizi Gallery, second floor – Florence, Italy

Take a break from looking at all of the paintings and head to the big window at the end of the corridor on the second floor to snap this picture of the famous Ponte Vecchio from a higher perspective.


12. Piazza del Duomo – Florence, Italy

The multicolored marble covering the outside of this church is an architectural designer’s dream and luckily that translated into crazy awesome pictures. There is truly no bad angle for this beauty, trust me, I have tried all of them.


13. Trevi Fountain – Rome, Italy

If there was ever a moment to channel your inner Lizzie McGuire and pose for a photo in Rome, the Trevi Fountain is the perfect backdrop. Pro tip: Go at night where there are less people and you can get closer to the water. Don’t forget to make a wish!


14. Colosseo metro station, second floor – Rome, Italy

People often search for the best vantage point to take a picture of the Colosseum, little do they know that the best spot is on top of the metro station nearby. Once you get out of the metro, take the stairs to the second floor and you will have uninterrupted views of the whole side. There is even a ledge if you want to get creative with sitting poses.

1sb18 124

15. Capilano Suspension Park – Vancouver, British Columbia

I happened upon this park after I went down a rabbit hole on Google and I am so happy I did. This park is absolutely magical if you get there right when it opens and there is no one around except for you and the sounds of nature.


16. A for Athens rooftop, Monastiraki Square – Athens, Greece

This is one of my two favorite rooftops in the area. This one specifically has uninterrupted views of the entire square and the Acropolis because of the glass windows throughout the building. This means that every seat in the house has an instagrammable view.


17. Wat Arun – Bangkok, Thailand

This is the first of two Thai temples on this list, because each has their own vibe. This temple has the most intricate tile work all in this beautiful white with hints of color throughout. There are so many levels and staircases so there are endless options for photos.


18. Wat Rong Suea Ten – Chiang Rai, Thailand

This temple is known as the Blue Temple and the color is so beautiful and will add a pop to any Instagram feed. The details on the roof of this building and the statues outside will inspire any photographer, novice or professional.


19. Lanna Kingdom Elephant Sanctuary – Chiang Mai, Thailand

I’m sure you have probably seen people on your feed taking these exotic places and most of the time, hanging with elephants. There is a reason there are so many photos; these animals are down right majestic. They are so beautiful and so making sure the sanctuary you go to is sustainable, kind, and eco friendly is a must!


20. Phi Phi Islands, Thailand

This location is broad because I truly don’t think there is an inch of the Phi Phi Islands that could not be a billboard. Book a boat trip and bring your camera or go-pro and snap away.


21. Blue Lagoon – Grindavík, Iceland

The prettiest pool on the planet! The silica in this hot spring make the color of this water the most beautiful blue you can find, and it comes out great in photos!

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